photography: andok tamás.

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(nocturnal ballads 18 / source)

"My name is Tamas Andok, I’m a photographer from Budapest, Hungary. My story is quite ordinary: as a kid I wanted to be a painter, but since it never happened, I started to contemplate around me. Soon I realised nature, cities and people are as much interesting, and street photography remained one of my most frequent subject. The shape of the streets, however, changes every second, and that’s what I try to capture with my pictures: unique moments that will never occur the same way again."


all die ichkannnichtmehrs. jedes ichkannnichtmehr ist schlimmer als das vorhergehende. die schnapsindustrie lacht sich ins faustwerk und ich, ichkannnichtmehr. ein zittern. achttausend venen explodieren und - 



photography: anni leppälä.

"last autumn" (2008)

"buttons" (2004)

"black" (2004)

"curtains with birds" (2005)

"window (mirror)" (2008)

"shoreline" (2008)

"Photographs are like fixed points in the process of change and alteration, they give a chance of observing and allow the viewer to step closer. One can gather trust and confidence in recognising them but simultaneously photographs have another kind of nature; a side turning towards the invisible and the unidentified. What finally becomes recognised can be something “outside” of the image, something out of sight – something imperceptible. In this momentary experience something is revealed which is not “that-has-been” but rather something that exists and is present now and here. In my pictures, attempts in recognising and lighting of obscure and vague movements, are made visible. I want to approach the momentariness of living through constancy. The paradox is that when you try to conserve or protect a moment by stopping it, by photographing it, you inevitably lose it at the same time. Objects and spaces can occur to be like transparent routes between the inside and the outside, between the seen surface and unconscious content. How to stop a feeling, a memory? By binding it to visible objects, facades of material things, attaching it to a room´s walls, the surface of photographs. Like translucent skin with unforeseen memories beneath."
- Anni Leppälä